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Your First Home Buying Journey Made Easy

At Mortgage House, we aim to make your first home buying journey smooth and stress-free. Download our First Home Buyer Guide for more valuable insights and join the thousands of first home buyers who trust Mortgage House. Explore our range of home loans designed to suit your unique needs, and let our expert team guide you through our quick and hassle-free online application process. Say hello to your dream home as we help you turn it into a reality.

What you’ll get out of our FREE First Home Buyers Guide

Reduce your

Feel empowered on your journey by understanding every step of the first time home buyer process.

Build future wealth for you and your family

Make your first move and start climbing the property ladder with confidence.

Learn the
‘home loan’ lingo

Become fluent in financial jargon so you feel in control when it matters the most.

Determine how
much you can borrow

Confirm what properties you can afford before auction day by knowing how much you can borrow upfront.

Types of First Home Buyer Loans

Variable loans

Fixed loans

Construction loans

Split loans

We're Here To Help You On Your Homeownership Journey

Mortgage House has everything you need in the one place to ensure you get the best possible home loan.
Find out more about:

The buying process

There’s 3 Easy Steps

Our Mortgage House Home Loan Specialists will explain all of the details you need to know before buying your first property. We will walk you through each step of the pre-approval process and help you:

  • Determine how much you can borrow
  • Consider Stamp Duty, First Home Buyers Grant and property value
  • Calculate your monthly payment amount
  • Choose the best first home buyer loan product to optimise your financial situation


Understand how mortgage repayments are calculated so that you can search for a home you can afford to enjoy.

Your Mortgage House Lending Specialist. can help you:

  • Evaluate the property you’ve fallen in love with and provide a free property report
  • Determine whether it is good value and a solid investment
  • Choose the best first home buyer loan product to optimise your financial situation
  • Guide you through the offer process

Apply for pre-approval

Once you decide that this home is “the one,” you’ll need to make a formal offer to buy the property. Your Mortgage House Lending Specialist will guide you with:

  • Putting forward your offer conditional on formal approval of your mortgage application and a building inspection
  • Negotiate a timeframe of 10 days approximately to accomplish the above
  • If your terms are accepted by the owner, Mortgage House will move forward and prepare the loan documents for your settlement date
  • Clear communication throughout the offer stage to give you confidence and peace of mind

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