06 Oct 2017

10 Ways to Make Moving House Easier and More Enjoyable

Make moving house fun

Moving house can be stressful and tiring at the best of times. But the thought of getting into your new place fills you with adrenaline and you power through. These tips will make it easier to get organised.

  1. Begin de-cluttering weeks earlier

It’s amazing how much unwanted stuff we can accumulate over time. Moving house is the perfect time for a clean-out, donate unwanted stuff to charity or hold a garage sale. The more you can get rid off and the earlier, the less you will have to pack and take with you.

  1. Start gathering boxes

You will be surprised how you cannot have enough boxes to pack your belongings into. So start stocking up on boxes. Ask your friends if they have any extras to spare from their previous moves or check at your local supermarket or retail store and you could easily get packing boxes from them.

  1. Start packing in advance

Get sorted and packing weeks before and you’ll feel better organised as you approach the actual moving day. Pack up things you don’t use regularly like your books, bed linen and documents.

  1. Update your change of address

Start this process at least a couple of weeks before move date. Make a checklist first, because you may only remember the most obvious ones like utilities and your bank. But don’t forget to update your credit cards, magazine and Netflix subscriptions or insurance and set up a mail forwarding service at your post office till you’re sure all mail has been updated.

  1. Label your boxes correctly for efficient unpacking

That way you can start with unpacking the important boxes first. Use colour coded labels for each room if that helps so you know which boxes go to which room. One of the first things you’ll want to organise is clean clothes and your own bed so clearly labelling your bed linens, for example, will save you so much time.

  1. Pack the essentials in a separate box

Pack the basics like plates and cutlery, tea and coffee, kids’ snacks, medicines, phone chargers, toilet paper and the like… into an overnight bag or even better, into a large, clear plastic box. When you’re dead tired after the move having these basics at hand could make all the difference.

  1. Take photos of the bare rooms

Take photos of your cleaned-out old house as well as the new house before you move in. The benefits could be twofold. You will have photographic evidence in case your landlord wants to charge you unnecessary cleaning and repair fees. If the walls or floors get dents or scratches during the move, this evidence could also help with any insurance claim.

  1. Check your belongings for breakage

This could be important if you’re using professional removalists. Their contracts may have a limited window for reporting any damaged or missing items. Plug in and switch on major appliances like fridges, washing machines and TVs to be sure they’re working properly. Your home and contents might cover you too in case there is a problem.

  1. Get a better deal on utilities

You don’t have to stick with the same providers as the previous occupants. Look at your previous bills to get an idea of how much you spend every month then use the opportunity to research and compare the providers and negotiate savings.

  1. Finally, meet the neighbours

Introducing yourself to your local neighbours is a great way to feel secure and comfortable in your new home. You could invite them over for a housewarming at your place or simply break the ice striking up a conversation about something you may have in common like kids or pets.

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