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About Split Home Loans

It may seem that choosing between a fixed and variable home loan is black and white, it’s either one or the other. However, there is a third way and it allows you to combine the best features of both loan types.

A split loan allows you to have a portion of your home loan with a fixed interest rate and the remaining portion with a variable interest rate.

You have the option of selecting the percentage you would like fixed and the percentage you would like variable, as long as the minimum fixed amount is covered, as per the individual loan requirements.

Compare our split home loan interest rates and product features below.


  • Enjoy fixed-rate security as well as the ability to pay off the variable portion of your mortgage sooner

  • Access features that only come with variable interest rate home loans, such as a line of credit and others

  • Have the ability to change your split percentages a set number of times for free, which offers you extra flexibility.


  • You may incur additional fees if you make extra repayments or pay off the fixed portion of your home loan sooner

  • You won't receive the full benefit of interest rate reductions that a variable home loan provides

  • You may incur additional fees for changing the split ratios more than the allowed number of times.

Our Split Home Loans

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