25 Mar 2021

How Will I Know When I Have a New Online Statement?

How Will I Know When I Have a New Online Statement?


Modern technology has changed the way that we accomplish many of our day to day activities. It is no different in the world of financial institutions. Your financial institution has created alerts and notifications for everything that happens with your account. 


These alerts and notifications will come through email. It is critically important that you give your financial institution an email address to connect to your account and that you check your email regularly to see your notifications. If your email address is not on file with the financial institution, you cannot receive email notifications. If you do not check the email that you have on file with the financial institution, you will never see your statements. 


Another advantage of modern technology is the immediate availability of your new statement. In the past, statements were mailed and you had to wait to receive them. In the new world of technology, you don’t have to wait. You don’t have to depend on the mail to arrive. You don’t have to fear your mail being stolen out of your mailbox. You just have to set up your email to receive notifications.  


Modern technology has made life easier in so many ways. You do not have to wait for financial institution statements to come through the mail. It can all be done through email technology. Set everything up through the financial institution and make sure to check your email regularly and you will have your statements in a much more convenient medium.

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