15 Jun 2017

Are You Forgetting These Budget Items?


In order to truly gain control over your financial spending and saving, you need to have an accurate budget set up. Understanding where your money is coming from and what it’s going towards is vital, especially when you’re planning on taking out a mortgage or other loan.

But budgeting can be complex. There are so many things to consider, and forgetting just one item can throw all of your financial forecasting out of whack.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common things people forget when setting up their budgets. When you set up your own budget, make sure you’ve taken all of these into consideration:

Your car

Car insurance, registration, maintenance, petrol and more – your car costs a lot throughout the year. Make sure you take every consideration into account.

Guest visits

Be sure to take into account any visitors you might be hosting throughout the year. Having guests costs more than you might think. Be sure to consider laundry, food, bills and the cost of going out to eat as well as any other activities.

Annual payments

Monthly payments are easy to remember because they occur regularly, but what about annual payments? Be sure to remember your one-year subscriptions and other such charges.

The kids

Parents don’t usually forget school fees and all the obvious considerations, but be sure to take into account things like replacement clothing, fun events and uniforms.


Aside from food and grooming, it’s important to keep some money aside for emergencies and potential veterinarian fees. Hopefully that money winds up going into your savings rather than towards a vet, but it’s best to keep it aside just in case.

Organising your budget with our calculator

Our budget planner can help you organise your budget. You can use it to help you save for a deposit, budget for repayments, find extra funds or simply keep your spending in check.

If you want to use our budget calculator, simply follow this link.

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