25 Mar 2019

Find out what kind of loan takes home 3 awards and a 5-star rating

What’s better than one award? Four! The Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan has been recognised as one of the best home loan products on the market by two of Australia’s leading comparison websites, Mozo and Canstar.

Mozo Experts Choice Awards

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards is conducted by Mozo, an award-winning comparison website used by thousands of Australians each month.

In the Mozo Experts Choice Awards, a team of experts independently analysed 436 home loans from 85 lenders to decide on the best home loan products on the market. When comparing home loan products, Mozo’s team of experts considered interest rates and mandatory fees, as well as benefits to potential customers.

Home loan providers do not ‘enter’ the awards and there are no payments or incentives involved. Objective, verifiable facts are the only consideration.

Given the prestigious nature, integrity and well-rounded scope of the awards, we are proud (although unsurprised!) that our Advantage Home Loan was recognised as one of the best across three separate categories including Low Cost Home Loans, one of the best Offset Home Loans and one of the top Split Home Loans.

You can view the official announcement [here].

Canstar Outstanding Value 5-Star Rating

Canstar is Australia’s biggest financial website, comparing more brands than any other. Every six months Canstar evaluates thousands of products from hundreds of financial institutions to determine products that represent outstanding value. Their analysis is transparent with no payments or incentives from lenders.

Canstar’s famous 5-star rating system considers six months’ worth of data including price and features. The unique rating system awards 5-stars to products that score in the top 10% for performance and value in their field.

Mortgage House has a long history of 5-star ratings, and the most recent Canstar Home Loan Ratings are no exception. The Mortgage House Advantage home loan has been awarded 5-Stars for Outstanding Value, with the variable home loan placing in the top 5% of products for price in this category.

So, what makes the Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan an award-winning home loan?

A low-cost home loan – with an award to prove it!

When we say low-interest rates and low fees, we mean it, but you don’t have to take our word for it. The Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan was independently recognised as one of the lowest cost variable rate home loans for owner-occupiers. With both a low variable interest rate and comparison rate, we’re not hiding any costs!

If you want one of the lowest cost home loans on the market (and really, who doesn’t?) we recommend the Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan and so do the experts!

A low-cost home loan with an offset account that could save you thousands and take years off the life of your loan

More than a low-cost home loan, the Advantage Home Loan comes packed with features, including a 100% offset account, a coveted feature on the home loan market today. The Advantage Home Loan offset account gives you flexibility and is a great way to reduce the interest you are paying on your home loan. In the long run, an offset account could save you thousands by reducing interest and helping you pay off your home loan sooner!

The Advantage Home Loan includes a 100% offset account. This means that 100% of the funds in your offset account will offset the balance of your loan and help to lower the interest payable. The account works just like an everyday transaction account – have your salary paid into the offset account and your bills paid out of it. You can still access your money whenever you need it. It’s the no-cost, convenient solution that will help reduce your interest and could save you thousands.

But not all home loans with an offset account are this easy or cost-effective which is why the experts, once again, recognised the Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan as one of the lowest cost variable rate loans with an offset account.

All the savings of a variable rate with all the security of a fixed rate

The ability to take advantage of low variable interest rates with some fixed-rate security is an attractive feature. The Advantage Home Loan allows customers to have a portion of their home loan on a fixed rate and the remaining portion on a variable rate. Customers can decide on the percentage they would like fixed and the percentage they would like variable, with the flexibility to change their chosen percentages a number of times.

The Advantage Home Loan as a split loan is unique because customers can still access many of the features that are only available on a variable rate home loan. Customers can also maximise their savings with the option to pay off the variable portion of their home loan sooner. It’s no surprise that Mozo recognised the Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan as one of the leading split home loans on the market.

Features, features and more features!

When it comes to customer benefits the Advantage Home Loan delivers. In addition to low-interest rates, low fees, 100% offset account and split loan option, the Advantage Home Loan is packed with other features that are convenient and designed to save you money. These features include:

  • Redraw facility that allows you to access any additional repayments
  • Additional payments without penalty
  • Make repayments via Bpay
  • No package fee which means you don’t pay a fee each and every year
  • Relocation feature allows you to purchase your next home prior to selling your current home
  • Loan portability so you can transfer your loan from one property to another

Customer Service

Mortgage House has a long history of award-winning home loan products. Why? We actively listen to our customers and design home loan products that will meet their needs. The Advantage Home Loan and all Mortgage House loan products are backed by our superior customer service. Customers don’t just sign up for a home loan, they are given ongoing support, tools and knowledge to help them achieve their financial goals.

For over 30 years, Mortgage House has been ‘proudly different’ and we are happy to continue that legacy with this latest recognition from Mozo and Canstar. It just goes to show that winners are grinners…or in this case, Mortgage House customers are winning and grinning with the Mortgage House Advantage Home Loan. To get an award-winning home loan, you can Apply Online in just 15 minutes to get the process underway!


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