04 Mar 2022

NDIS Investment Properties: The Basics


In Australia, no shortage of real estate investment opportunities exist. Among them is investing in an NDIS property.

The National Disability Insurance Agency oversees funds distributed to Australians who have a qualifying disability. Most individuals have a disability that prevents them from caring for themselves or their property. They require help from caretakers. In most cases, they sell their homes and turn into renters. The program helps them find affordable housing. Thus, supply for investors exists.

Becoming an NDIS property landlord yields attractive returns on investments. All governments partner with private sector professionals to accomplish goals. The government sets aside resources and they contract out the work to private professionals. 

The National Disability Insurance Agency creates housing demand. Investors create the supply.

Investors become part of the Special Disability Accommodation network. They build the property and add it to the housing supply. Once the property receives approval and a tenant enters it, the investor receives payments from the SDA program.

Since SDA properties provide guaranteed income, lenders help investors obtain investment financing. Each approved property receives a 20-year guarantee. Therefore, banks will issue financing if the investor places a 20% deposit.

Mortgage House is a non-lender that provides home loans for SDA properties. Plus, we compete with banks for well-qualified investors. We also offer competitive terms to those in different financial circumstances. 

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NDIS Conclusion

Entrepreneurs interested in financing an NDIS investment property can contact the loan specialists at Mortgage House. Our team can go over the specifics of obtaining an NDIS investment property loan.

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