22 Jun 2022

How long does a Direct Debit take to set up?

Direct Debit Set Up

Direct debits are a lot of people’s favourites because they are easy to use! The convenience of using a direct debit payment system outweighs some Australians’ cons and concerns. Actually, the best part about a direct debit system is how long it takes to set it up! In just 5-10 days, you can be up and running with your account set up and ready to be used!

Although it takes about 5-10 days for the forms to process and goes through a quick verification process, this means nothing! Usually, the timeline is closer to 3-5 days, but sometimes delays do occur! However, when someone first fills out the direct debit form or the paperwork, this section only takes a few minutes.

That being said, if you want the process to go as smoothly as possible, it is good to have all of your documents and information ready! Almost all direct debits require some kind of verification in the form of an email, phone, or ID. As long as you have all of these ready, you should be good to go! Never submit a form before double-checking to make sure that the banking information is correctly written.

Direct Debit Set Up Conclusion

Setting up a direct debit system is great because it does not take long! Actually, the average set-up time is 5-10 days. If you are unsure, our Mortgage House experts are ready to answer questions and assist!

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