13 Jan 2022

How Do I Choose the Right Loan?

In 2022, the right loan for a home purchase is a conventional mortgage for a well-qualified homebuyer. For a small business owner, it’s a low-doc loan. Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. We have access to an array of products that suit many financial circumstances present for most home buyers. 

For example, if you want to build your dream home, Mortgage House offers owner-builder home loans. The product takes into account that the property doesn’t exist yet. Financing a new project poses a significant risk. Nonetheless, Mortgage House works with owner-builders.

In addition, we work with investors. We know that professionals in this space seek to keep their overhead costs low. Therefore, the right loan is often an interest-only option. It cuts initial costs by an average of 33%. This affords the investor time to renovate a property and find a tenant.

First-time homebuyers have several options at their disposal. Most also have a short credit and employment history. Nonetheless, they can become homeowners sooner through a family pledge or guarantor mortgage.

Sometimes the circumstances dictate the best loan. To learn more about your mortgage options, check out our online home loan calculator. It gives you an idea of the right home loan for you based on your income and expenses. 

The Right Loan Conclusion

Mortgage House offers an array of loan products. One of them is the right loan for you. Once our loan specialists understand your financial goals, they put together the loan package with the most competitive terms. Contact our team to start the process. 

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